The Philatelic Team   16 May 2016

Centenary of the RSL 1916–2016


Formed in June 1916, to care for the welfare of servicemen returning from World War I, the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) is Australia’s largest ex-service organisation. There are 170,000 traditional and affiliate members. 2016 marks its centenary,… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   16 May 2016

Australia Post attending the New York Stamp Show 2016


This year’s 2016 World Stamp Show will be held at the Javits Center in New York City from 28 May to 4 June 2016, and Australia Post is thrilled to be a part of this once-a-decade event. Designated as a… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   10 May 2016

Cocos (Keeling) Islands: Dolphins


The Cocos (Keeling) Islands: Dolphins stamp issue, which will be released on 17 May 2016, features photographs of three playful and sociable dolphin species that are seen around the islands: the Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis), the Spinner Dolphin (Stenella longirostris)… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   6 May 2016

Meet a Philatelic designer: Simone Sakinofsky


Simone Sakinofsky is a talented stamp designer and Team Leader of the Australia Post Design Studio. We spoke with Simone about her pathway into design and the many factors she considers when designing stamps. What was your path into graphic… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   2 May 2016

Self-adhesive stamps: An Australian revolution


In the 1990s, Australia Post created a world first: mass produced self-adhesive stamps for general and widespread use. This led to increased convenience for postal users and revolutionary changes globally to postage stamp production. The “peel and stick” experiment In… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   27 April 2016

Czeslaw Slania (1921–2005): stamp engraver


During his 55-year career, world-renowned stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania produced more than 1,000 stamp engravings* for many countries, including six stamp designs for Australia. He also engraved banknotes for many countries. Slania’s 1000th engraved stamp, issued by Sweden in 2000,… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   26 April 2016

How Australia Post stamps come to be


Collectors and non-collectors alike are often fascinated by just how it is that Australian stamps come to be. How are the topics determined? Who researches them? What design constraints exist when producing something so small? Why are some stamps illustrative… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   15 April 2016

A look inside the May–June 2016 Stamp Bulletin


The May–June 2016 edition of the Stamp Bulletin should reach subscribers during the third week of April. The stamp releases during May and June span a diverse range of philatelic subjects, from Australian fauna and ephemera to returned soldiers and… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   14 April 2016

How to set up your collectable standing order


Many philatelic collectors choose to purchase new Australia Post products via standing order, ensuring they automatically receive qualifying products on issue. There are many benefits of setting up a standing order, primarily to ensure you never miss out on adding… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   8 April 2016

Christmas Island Robber Crabs


While Christmas Island is famous for its endemic red crabs (the migration of which was the subject of a 2014 Christmas Island stamp issue), it is also home to the largest terrestrial arthropod on earth – the Robber Crab (Birgus… Read more

by The Philatelic Team