The Philatelic Team   23 June 2016

How to spot a genuine Australia Post Postal and Numismatic Cover


For collectors, whether of sports memorabilia, literature, art, stamps or coins and more, part of making a sound investment depends on whether the purchased item is genuine. The disappointment of taking something to a dealer for valuation, only to find… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   17 June 2016

July–August 2016 Stamp Bulletin


The July–August 2016 edition of the Stamp Bulletin should reach subscribers during the second week of June. The stamp releases during July and August are diverse in terms of both design and subject-matter – from celebrating an icon of Australian… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   15 June 2016

2012 London Instant Stamp – Jared Tallent


Australia Post is very pleased to recognise the gold-medal performance of Jared Tallent. Following the disqualification of Russian Sergey Kirdyapkin, Tallent has been belatedly awarded gold for the 50km walk at the London 2012 Games. The gold medallist stamp will… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   14 June 2016

Norfolk Island: The intriguing tale of the Ball Bay stamp series


In 2016, Australia Post will release its first ever stamp issue for Norfolk Island, following the closure of the Norfolk Island postal service after a long and proud history. The change forms part of a Commonwealth government program that will… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   10 June 2016

Licensed stamp packs: from retro nostalgia to modern-day fun


During May, June and July, our licensed stamp releases feature some iconic favourites of the small screen and big screen, which will appeal to adults and children alike! 50th anniversary of Star Trek Star Trek premiered on television in the… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   7 June 2016

Nostalgic Fruit labels


The 2016 Nostalgic Fruit Labels stamp issue, released on 7 June 2016, conjures up a bygone era of advertising, design and marketing. The paper labels pasted on to the ends of wooden fruit boxes, between the 1920s and 1970s, are… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   3 June 2016

Philatelic footy fever!


Can the Hawks make it four premierships in a row? Can the North Queensland Cowboys put in another breathtaking performance and go back-to-back? With footy season well and truly underway, Australia Post has released a range of licensed stamp packs… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   30 May 2016

How Australia Post stamps come to be: Program development


In this post, we speak to Hilary Maddocks, from the Philatelic research team, about the process involved in putting together the annual stamp program. How far ahead do you start planning each annual stamp program? The stamp issue program is… Read more

by The Philatelic Team

The Philatelic Team   16 May 2016

Centenary of the RSL 1916–2016


Formed in June 1916, to care for the welfare of servicemen returning from World War I, the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) is Australia’s largest ex-service organisation. There are 170,000 traditional and affiliate members. 2016 marks its centenary,… Read more

by The Philatelic Team